Beneath the Foul Olde Spirit Inn, the winecellar is completely and utterly infested with bats. Kill them to help Muriel out, but be wary of the dark and keep a weapon handy - you never know when two or three bats might think you'd make a fine feast!

Player Notes Edit

Level Range:
FOS Cellar
FOS Cellar Map



Foul Olde Spirit



Special Treasure:

Bat Teeth, Torch


This basic adventuring area is generally the first one new characters encounter, usually as part of the Bats in the Cellar quest. At first and second level, the bats give decent XP, not to mention Muriel's reward of cash and experience for bringing her a bat tooth.

The bats can be difficult to target in melee; be sure to use a zoom level you're comfortable with. If you don't have access to light spells or special vision, pick up a torch from the barrel at the bottom of the stairs.

Take note that if you return to Muriel with multiple bat teeth, she will take them all. Split the teeth and set any extras down so you can sell them in the Bazaar later on.