Beneath the streets of the Market and Clerk's Wards, foul effluent is carried through wide sewers, keeping the worst of the Cage's filth out of sight and out of mind.

Player Notes Edit

Level Range:



Sigil Main, Undersigil 2




Whistling Stonehead


Cavern Spider Skeleton

Goblin Vivisectionist

Special Treasure:

Elven Blood


This is one of the simplest areas in the game. Most combat will be against cavern spiders, and all more difficult encounters are behind locked doors (a single point in lockpicking will allow characters to pick these locks rather than bash them down, a huge savings in time). For characters of first and second level, the spiders give decent XP.

Behind a locked portcullis door early on can be found the skeleton. Although it guards a chest, this encounter is best avoided unless you have a blunt weapon (or a cleric), as its damage resistance can be difficult for weaker characters to bypass.

Another early locked door leads to the one difficult encounter in this area, the Goblin Vivisectionist. Wielding a scythe, he is capable of doing fatal damage. He guards a treasure chest (hidden behind the pillar), while one of the corpses in his room can, for characters with empty bottles, provide Elven Blood, which is the portal key for Clangor.

Further along, the Whistling Stonehead offers a quest to the party. To the left of the stonehead lie locked treasure rooms with cavern spiders inside, as well as a locked path to the location of the Clangor portal. Across the bridge to the right is the path to Undersigil 2.