Warm-hearted and generous, Muriel tends bar at, and is known to be the owner of, the Foul Olde Spirit. She proudly displays her Independent League badge on the wall behind her bar. Although an accomplished chef and mixologist, she strangely seems to defer to Rina in the running of the inn.


Only a few years ago, the building which now
houses the Foul Olde Spirit Inn was but another moldering heap, a once-fashionable restaurant and boarding house now simply used as warehouse space for Indep merchants. When the Smoking Hammer Inn was destroyed, however, a void was left in the Market Ward. This quick-thinking young merchant stepped in before the dust had even settled, renovating the place and opening a tavern and inn that rivals many Lady's Ward establishments in both service and the wide variety of planar delicacies available.

Along with her friend and assistant of long standing, Rina, Muriel has become one of the fixtures of the Market Ward, a heroine among Indeps and even respected by the Takers for her shrewd business sense and the Harmonium for her no-nonsense attitude. Among the general public, she is quite well-known, as more than a few planewalkers have gotten their start in Sigil helping to deal with the near-insurmountable bat infestation in her cellars or visiting well-known tenants of her inn, such as the man known only as the Sage and the Foul Olde Spirit itself.

Of course, this success has led to a rivalry with her near-neighbor bar owner, Khazeet.


Bats in the Cellar

"Our wine cellar has something of a bat infestation, and we try to keep it under control."