Ladys Ward
The ward’s as open and spacious as the hearts of its rulers‘re closed and cramped. Every main street’s cold, broad, and echoing, and a cutter can see huge swathes of the sky, more than anywhere else in the city. Most Cagers don't care for the view, 'cause the view's a bit too big. Most cutters spend as little time as possible on the ward's streets, uner what passes in the Cage for open sky.

It's called The Lady's Ward after the Lady of Pain. Not that she lives here more than anywhere else, it's just that she keeps her tools here: the City Barracks, the Court, the Prison, and the Armory - all the things that define her power and enforce her will. Since power attracts power, bloods set their cases in The Lady's Ward.

Player Notes Edit

Ladys Ward Map

The Lady's Ward abuts the Lower Ward and Market Ward. Important buildings with transitions from the Lady's Ward include the Barracks, Prison, Armory, and Temple of the Abyss.


Elemental Plane of Ice, Carceri, and Karasuthra


Finding Etnek


Leilani's Objets d'Art - Rare and expensive items (planned for addition in the near future)