Khazeet is an Efreet from the Elemental Plane of Fire, as well as the proprietor and bartender of the open-air tavern in the Great Bazaar.


Nobody seems to know much about Khazeet,
aside from his boistrous voice and willingness to look the other way. Theories abound, from being a simple retired planar adventurer running a bar, to the lost heir of a powerful noble house in the City of Brass, to a fugitive who can never return to the Elemental Planes, and countless other tales.

All that is certain is that his establishment appeared seemingly overnight mere days after the destruction of the Smoking Hammer Inn, and since then has been among the most popular watering holes in the city. His rivalry with the owners of the Foul Olde Spirit is well-known, although there may be more than simple adversity in his relationship with Muriel, his counterpart.

"Worry not! Khazeet is here to serve with the speed of a flame!"


Drink Robbing