Life’s cheap, berk, but nowhere’s it cheaper
Hive Ward
than in the Hive Ward, a dismal collection of dirt-caked slums and battered tenements more fit for vermin than humanoids. Looking for honest work? Keep looking. The Hive’s a good place for cutpurses and gamblers, not so good for jewelers and art dealers. But it’s a fine place to be a Dustman - the faction’s headquarters, the Mortuary, is here, with corpses enough to keep its crematory blazing for the next couple of eons. And it’s a perfect spot for the Xaositect headquarters, also called the Hive (the Chaosmen ain’t known for clever names; why bother?). A tangle of safehouses and hideaways, it squats in the middle of the ward like a wart - make that a bunch of warts. The Gatehouse's here too, the headquarters of the Bleak Cabal; to prove that existence is a cruel joke, a Bleakerjustpointsout the window.

Whoever planned the ward didn’t know the definition of a straight line, as the streets wind in every direction: Some end abruptly in blind alleys, others circle back on themselves like snakes swallowing their tails. With space at a premium, new structures are built on top of old ones, giving a typical building the appearance of a stack of boxes about to collapse. It’s a mess, all right, though a basher flying high overhead might make some sense of it. The cluster of marble buildings spikeward from the Gatehouse - called, appropriately enough, the Marble District - marks the best section of the ward, where it’s possible to find a few quality shops, the government centers, and a handful of bloods with serious jink. On the opposite end lies the smoky rubble of the Slags, all darkness and death. Residential areas are everywhere else, row after row of slant-roofed slums and belching smokestacks.

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Hive Map

The Lower Ward and Clerk's Ward are other major parts of the Sigil directly accessible from the Hive. The Gatehouse, Mortuary, Tattoo Parlor, and Bottle & Jug RP areas, and the Undersigil and Slags adventuring areas also have direct transitions.


Nishrek and Ethereal Demiplane


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Night Market - Takk'halar Blacktalon (Thug- and Rogue-specific gear; Hirelings)