With its black granite walls, barred windows, and steel spires, the Bottle & Jug looks more like a fortress than a tavern. But it’s not only one of the Hive’s most popular watering holes, it’s easily the most notorious. Those with jink to spend and who aren’t averse to a little blood... well, let’s just say there’s no place in Sigil like the B&J. Barl Hoxsun, a sour-faced cutter as big as a bull, runs the place and tolerates no nonsense, an attitude evidenced by the snarling female Fensir (Ysgardian trolls) that greets customers in the entryway. Inside, soiled red carpets cover the floor, while flickering oil lamps suspended from the ceiling keep the rooms as dark as Baatorian caves. Wooden partitions, painted with garish scenes of the Blood War, divide the main room into sections, segregating the bloods from the sods, the chest rippers from the skull crushers. More Fensir, wearing black cloaks emblazoned with the B&J emblem, work as brewers, waiters and bouncers; Hoxsun hires them on the basis of their innate skills with brewing and fighting. Movable wooden partitions divide the main room into three areas; one for first-timers and penny pinchers, one for regular customers and serious drinkers, and the third for Hoxsun’s friends and special guests. Two orc bartenders serve a variety of beverages.

Player Notes Edit

There is a store behind the primary bar that sells a variety of beverages unique to this location. A locked portcullis in the back, guarded by a Fensir, may be accessed during the course of the All Around the Hive quest to give access to the viewers' portion of the "boxing arena".