A sour-faced cutter as big as a bull, Barl runs the infamous Bottle & Jug in the Hive Ward. He looks like someone who tolerates no nonsense, but he has been known to smile for big spenders at his tavern.


It's well-known that Barl has access to several
portals which can be found in some hidden area of the Bottle & Jug. He takes advantage of this access, particularly that to the Prime world of Krynn, by forcing those who wish to use them to take part in violent gladitorial combat in the B&J's "Boxing Arena", where they might go fist-to-fist versus the inn's cyclopskin champion Akra, or even find themselves battling against bizarre creatures from throughout the planes.

Aside from owning the inn, Barl is also famed for being the only person in Sigil to know the recipe to brew limbic ale, a particularly potent potable enjoyed by creatures with a link to Limbo, such as the slaadi, as well as many members of the Xaositect faction.

"Say what you will about the Hivers. They've elevated drooling to a fine art."